15 Seconds of Fame

Video featured in Vic Firth’s 15 Second Challenge

– Over the past few months Vic Firth have challenged their followers on social media to upload a short clip (maximum 15 seconds) for the chance to get featured on their social networks.

I’ve been encouraging all of my students to watch these clips and to try to develop the sorts of grooves that might get featured. I think developing your own signature grooves is the most fun you can have on a drum kit. It’s also a brilliant way to expand your creativity and to get to understand composition and groove – factors witch in my opinion, are a major difference between drum students and drum players.

All of that said, I’m thrilled to have been featured by Vic Firth on their social media sites.like The video received over 6000 likes and hundreds of shares in just a few short days on Facebook and Instagram combined. It feels great to get some recognition from the international drumming community – even if it is just for a few seconds – and to read some of their candid comments. Andy Warhol is credited with saying In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. In this case it was more like 15 seconds, but I’ll take it! 

*UPDATE* On the 1st of July I discovered that I had been featured for a second time. Both videos have already received over 13000 combined likes!

I highly recommend that you check out some of the submissions from all over the Globe. Just search Facebook or Instagram for the hashtag #vf15. The level of creativity and skill out there is really inspiring.

You can see some more of my personal submissions in the video gallery.

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Video featured in Vic Firth's 15 Second Challenge

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