Practice Materials

If you’re taking lessons with me then this is for you! Check out some of my custom designed exercises/lessons below by clicking them, or take a look at the some of my transcriptions.


Groove Construction

Permutations: Part 1 – Bass Drum  – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
The closest thing you’ll find to a shortcut for developing freedom and independence between the right hand and bass drum.

Groove Construction – Displacement: Part 1  – Beginner/Intermediate 
An introduction to my favourite groove construction technique and a vital ingredient for funk drumming.

Groove Construction – Displacement: Part 2  – Intermediate/Advanced
Part 2 expands on the concept by moving whole phrases to construct variations or entirely new grooves.
The possibilities are almost endless!

Paradiddle Power Pt.1 Intermediate/Advanced
Inversions between Kick & Snare – Powerfull weapons for the funk drummers arsenal.



Basic Duplet Warmup  – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
develop hand independence over foot ostinatos

5 Stroke Roll Exercise – Beginner
the best way to learn one of the most useful rudiments

5 Stroke Roll ExerciseIntermediate
a slightly more advanced version of the above exercise including 3/4 and triplet variations

Building a Killer 6 Stroke Roll -Beginner/Intermediate
how to build a killer 6 stroke roll, my favourite rudiment



 Putting it all Together – Intermediate/Advanced
combining duplet & triplet subdivisions, a very important skill to develop.

Applying the 6 stroke Roll Pt.1 – Intermediate
Orchestration ideas for this rudiment in a musical situation

Applying the 6 stroke Roll Pt.2 – Intermediate/Advanced
Translating the Key – How to build fills & solos using the 6 stroke roll

Linear Sextuplets Intermediate/Advanced
Seriously spice up your fills with this coordination workout



 Prof Sound’s Drum Tuning Bible
The most complete online tuning resource


The following excellent articles were previously posted on the Modern Drummer Magazine website. They’re no longer available there, so here you go. Enjoy

The Rolling Triplet Shuffle – Intermediate

The Half Time Rolling Triplet Shuffle – Intermediate


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